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Times are changing; technology is changing and with these changes emerges Shoot First. Shoot First is a subsidiary of MVRemix Media, conceived to contend with those major studios that are content with putting out beautiful trash. Movies with dialogue that say nothing and tales already told much better, but recycled.


The purpose of Shoot First is to bring together individuals and groups from throughout the world in order to push those over-paid actors out of the way to make way for those who deserve a spot. People who have the drive. Hollywood is down in profits, big name actors' salaries are dwindling so that they're only paid about 10 million per film, yet we're still concerned with who sleeps in their bed?

It's now time for a new breed of actors, a new breed of writers and directors. Those who take what they want, not solely know the right people.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Its all been done before" and "No idea's original." Bullsh*t. Creativity's back. Welcome to innovation. Welcome to change. Welcome to Shoot First.

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Our mission is to have a Shoot First film, an original copy, in every home with a DVD player. We want the independent communities of the world, those who support quality, heartfelt material to be part of our movement. Whether it's drama, horror, a thriller or any other genre. Shoot First wishes to dominate all forms of film.


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